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England Farms, Inc. is a leading producer and broker of quality broiler hatching eggs. Its customers, both domestic and international, appreciate the unique combination of reliability and flexibility that only England Farms can provide.


England Farms specializes in the production of disease-free broiler hatching eggs of the highest quality and the most popular breeds. England Farms owns and manages pullet and breeder flocks, grading and packing facilities, and distribution and transport operations. This fully integrated approach ensures reliable delivery and excellent hatchability for its many long-standing customers.


England Farms’ parent company, England Packing Company, Inc., is one of the nation’s largest buyers and sellers of broiler hatching eggs, with nearly 50 years experience in the industry. A close working relationship with the country’s largest poultry companies ensures that England Farms can respond to rapidly changing market demands. New orders and changes to standing contracts can usually be accommodated on short notice.

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